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Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society winner of the RSGB West Midlands Regional club of the year 2012 and 2013.
2012 was a fantastic year for Wolverhampton ARS, a year of rejuvenation as well as our 90th Birthday. We have seen a steady growth in our membership and with a full program of events we have become more active than in recent years and went on to win the Regional award for 2013.
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The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) is the UK's national membership organisation for amateur radio enthusiasts. For more information on the RSGB [click here]

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WARS Diary[+]

Committee Meeting
Thu 28 May 2015 20:00 to 21:00  BST

Talk - SDR - Ron M0RNW
Thu 11 Jun 2015 20:00 to 21:30  BST

Look 'n' Learn - Cracking Enigma
Thu 18 Jun 2015

GB4BHM Museums on the Air - Bantock house museum
Sat 20 Jun 2015 to Sun 21 Jun 2015 

Committee Meeting
Thu 25 Jun 2015 20:00 to 21:00  BST


CAMSAT announces mid-July launch with six U/V transponders
The CAMSAT-orchestrated CAS-3 amateur satellite system is now nearing completion, six Chinese amateur satellites will be launched in mid-July, it includes different weight category satellites, consists of a 20 kg, three 10 kg and two 1 kg satellites

QSO Today EP42 Carol Milazzo KP4MD
From the very beginning of her ham radio journey, almost 50 years ago, Carol Milazzo, KP4MD, applies the scientific method to her study and enjoyment of amateur radio


Nepal emergency ops suspended again
Amateur Radio emergency operations on 20 metres, resumed in the aftermath of the second Nepal earthquake, have now been suspended again, according to Jayu Bhide, VU2JAU, the Amateur Radio Society of India National Coordinator for Disaster Communication. He said he discussed the situation on 17 May with Satish Kharel, 9N1AA, and that the decision was […]

Certificate for RSGB Exam Secretary
RSGB Exam Secretary Carol Meredith, M6MUP, has been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club for the ?hard work, support and extra mile she goes to support both exam secretaries and candidates alike?. About 3,000 amateur radio examinations are held each year and Carol processes all of the paperwork. Part of […]

Amateur Radio Newsline[+]


From Producer Skeeter Nash N5ASH: this is a Facebook post from Sunday, 5/24/15 by the Amateur Radio Newsline Facebook page administrator, James Pastorfield KB7TBT:

Hi folks, got some bad news to report:
A few days ago Bill Pasternak WA6ITF was admitted into the hospital. He is currently in ICU and stable. I have not directly talked to bill but i am in constant contact with Dave Booth KC6WFS who has been with him every day. Bill has said that "it was ok to mention his situation to you and to understand if the reports are a delayed". 

Bill is still listed under critical condition, please put him in your thoughts and prayers. 
I will keep everyone updated...


Bill's health is the most important thing right now. However, I know that he is also very concerned about the ongoing production of the weekly Newsline reports. During Bill's previous extended hospital stay earlier this year, he reached out for help with producing the newscast. I stepped forward, and we got it back up and going. At the time, it was not a problem for me to do, time-wise. I was doing the Morning Drive show on KTPK-FM (Country Legends 106.9) here in Topeka, and had time in the afternoon to devote a few hours to editing and producing the audio. Bill was able to write the scripts; first from the rehab facility, then from home once he was released.

However, in mid-March, I was promoted to Program Director of KTPK, in addition to still holding down Morning Drive. This has resulted in many 12+ hour days (as we are in a ratings period), which has severely limited the time I have available to produce Newsline. Now, with Bill in ICU for an indefinite amount of time, there is no way I would have time to write the script, assign the reports, etc., let alone edit and produce the finished newscast. Therefore, at least for now, Amateur Radio Newsline will be on hiatus.

With all that said, I am sending out an appeal for help. Bill has--over 37-plus years of production--set the bar very high in terms of quality, both in the writing and production of Newsline. The attempt has always been to produce a newscast that is on-par with any national radio network newscast, and this has been accomplished over 37 years by an all-volunteer staff. These volunteer hams include many, such as myself, who have worked as broadcast radio/TV professionals. We have looked upon Newsline as not only a service to the hobby we enjoy, but also as a "labor of love." It certainly has been for Bill, ever since its early days as the "Westlink Radio Report."


  1. WRITER/ASSIGNMENT EDITOR: This requires a time commitment to gather amateur radio-related news stories from our various sources, and re-write them for broadcast. You must be fluent in "ham-speak." This person would also network with our anchors and reporters all over the globe, assigning them as they are available to record the anchor track and "actuality" reports for each week's newscast. A background in broadcast news writing/production and a passion for amateur radio are must-haves. An ideal candidate might be a retired broadcasting pro who is a licensed, active radio amateur.
  2. PRODUCER/EDITOR: In this position, you would be responsible for gathering audio from our volunteer anchors and reporters, and edit together a seamless, network-style newscast that can run up to approximately 27 minutes in length. Audio files will be retrieved from a Dropbox folder. A background in broadcast audio production and digital editing, the ability to edit for time, and an ear for audio quality are required. Access to digital editing software (i.e., Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Gold Wave, Audacity, etc.) is required. Time commitment would be approximately 2-4 hours per week, on average.
  3. ANCHOR/REPORTER: We would like to add a few voices to our current roster of volunteer anchors/reporters. As you can imagine, these positions require a clear, pleasant speaking voice, with the ability to deliver a natural-sounding, authoritative read. There is a rotating roster, which means you might be called upon once every few weeks to help. Anchors are sent the full script (usually by Wednesday each week), and record an approximate 20 minute (+/-) anchor track. A good quality microphone is needed for both anchors and reporters, as you may be asked to handle either task. Audio should preferably be recorded monaurally, and saved as a good-quality MP3 file.

Again, I must emphasize these are VOLUNTEER positions (no pay). In keeping with Bill's high standards for the quality of this production, I am asking for any amateur operators interested in joining the Newsline team to please submit a resume`, so that I can get an idea of your background/experience. Also, for those interested in the Producer/Editor position, a brief sample of audio you've edited would be helpful. For the Anchor/Reporter positions, I am also asking for a resume` and audio sample. If you would simply like to take a story from a previous Newsline report and read it as if you were anchoring or reporting, that would be fine. Scripts can be found in previous posts on this website. A minute or so of audio will suffice.

If you would like to be considered, please email your submissions to: N5ASH@arrl.net, with "NEWSLINE HELP" in the subject line.

I realize that I'm asking a lot for unpaid, volunteer positions. I am treating this (somewhat) as if you were applying for a position at my radio station; the reason being, Amateur Radio Newsline has a tradition of being as close to a professional-sounding production as possible. Many hams have expressed how important Newsline is to them each week, so I am committed to maintaining the standards set by Bill Pasternak over these many years. Thanks for understanding that I am looking for serious inquiries, only. Please also understand that unless someone steps up to fill these positions, the Amateur Radio Newsline will cease production...possibly permanently. I know that's NOT what Bill, or any of the rest of us involved in it, would like to see happen...but that's just the reality of the situation. Thanks, and ~73~ from N5ASH.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1966 May 22 2015


  • BULLETIN: FCC drops Amateur Radio vanity call sign fee
  • Post quake Nepal emcomm cutback announced
  • India putting plans into place for better Emcomm alerting
  • The United States Navy Marine Corps MARS program to stand down
  • New south Africa 2 meter propagation beacon announced.





US Naval Academy PSK31 CubeSat Transponders Active

FCC Eliminates Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Regulatory Fee

The FCC is eliminating the regulatory fee to apply for an Amateur Radio vanity call sign. The change will not go into effect, however, until required congressional notice has been given. This will take at least 90 days. As the Commission explained in a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Report and Order, and Order (MD Docket 14-92 and others), released May 21, it's a matter of simple economics.


Space Weather[+]

Disturbed geomagnetic field: Brief G2 - Moderate geomagnetic storm
Earth's magnetic field is still disturbed in response to continued presence of a positive polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS), possibly combined with a transient feature originally expected for May 17. Between 12:30 UTC on May 18 and 12:30 UTC on May 1... Read more

Several eruptive filament structures observed in last 24 hours
Several eruptive filament structures occurred during last 24 hours as observed in SDO/AIA and GONG/H-alpha imagery.The most impressive was an eruptive prominence (EPL) from the NE limb and a connected highly active and partially eruptive filament from the NE quadrant.... Read more

Welcome to The Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society Website

The Electric Club

We meet at the Wolverhampton Electricity Club at 7:30pm every Thursday.

We're a friendly bunch and welcome members old and new to come and join us for a chat and share our passion and enthusiasm for the hobby of Amateur radio. The Society takes part in special events such as Steam Fairs, Canal Boat Rallies, Mills on Air, JOTA and other local events.

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Meetings are informal and the club serves a wide selection of wines, spirits and beers including traditional cask ales, a variety of soft drinks are also available and all are reasonably priced. There is also a car park and plenty of on street parking.

Amateur Radio ? So if you have stumbled upon this website you might be thinking, "What is Amateur Radio all about then ?"

Amateur radio is a popular technical hobby and can also be a volunteer public service.

But most of the time, it's about the most fun you can have with a radio. It's a way to talk with people around the world, or even orbiting the world; to send e-mail without any sort of internet connection and to keep in touch with friends across town, across the country or even across the world.
It is an incredibly diverse and very popular interest with over six million people involved worldwide.

So if you are looking for a Radio Society in Wolverhampton or what to know more about amateur radio then come and give us a try.

Wolverhampton Electricity Sports and Social Club but was also named affectionately by the many members and local people as 'The Electric Club', St. Marks Road, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, WV3 0QH.
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My daughter has just painted my nails #M0VRR

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