Friday 27th of February 2015
Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society
Founded in 1922 | Call sign G8TA

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Regional Winner

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Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society winner of the RSGB West Midlands Regional club of the year 2012 and 2013.
2012 was a fantastic year for Wolverhampton ARS, a year of rejuvenation as well as our 90th Birthday. We have seen a steady growth in our membership and with a full program of events we have become more active than in recent years and went on to win the Regional award for 2013.
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The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) is the UK's national membership organisation for amateur radio enthusiasts. For more information on the RSGB [click here]

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144.390 FM APRS balloon heads for UK
The solar powered around-the-world high altitude balloon was released by the California Near Space Project team on Monday, February 23 and is expected to reach the UK on Friday. The APRS beacon should have a radio range of up to 400 km

New Digital TV Repeater for Kent
Justin G8YTZ is delighted to announce that authorisation and NOV has been received from OFCOM approving a new Digital Amateur TV Repeater at Selling Minnis, between Ashford and Dover, Kent


William Heath, G4IAF, 9 February 2015
It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death of my uncle, William Heath, G4IAF, on 9 February 2015. He was 94 and who until a few years ago had beenvery active on the air. Martin Lambert Next of kin & nephew

Hans Berg, DJ6TJ, 18 February 2015
We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Hans Berg, DJ6TJ, who died on 18 February 2015 at age 72 in a hospital in Luebeck, Germany. Hans was German national amateur radio society DARC's International Liaison Officer from 1982 until 2003. He also chaired the HF Committee of IARU Region 1 for […]

Opportunities for young amateurs
Applications for the IARU YOTA event in Italy this year close on 1 March. The RSGB is seeking four people to take part. Three participants must be under 26, plus a leader who can be over that age. The team will represent the RSGB at the IARU event, which will host 75 participants from all […]

New SSTV transmissions from ISS
A continuous SSTV transmission is planned from the International Space Station from 1030UTC on the 21st to 2130UTC on the 23rd. It is expected that 12 different photos will be sent on 145.800MHz FM, using the SSTV mode PD180, with three minute off periods between transmissions. One of the photos will show the commemorative diploma […]

Amateur Radio Newsline[+]

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1954 February 27 2015

  • Ham radio responds as a pair of tropical cyclones hit Australia
  • FCC and the FDA look the future of medical remote electronics
  • Printed FCC issued ham licenses come to an end
  • Stunning images received from the latest ISS slow-scan television experiment
  • Nominating period opens for the 2015 Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham of the Year Award





Space Weather[+]

G1-Minor geomagnetic storm in progress
A G1-Minor geomagnetic storm is currently in progress due to the influence of a recurrent negative polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS). Geomagnetic K-index of 5 (G1) threshold was reached at 02:31 UTC on February 24, 2015. Area of impact is primarily polewa... Read more

Large solar filament erupts, produces partial halo CME
A large solar filament, which was stretching more than 857 780 km (533 000 miles) last week, finally erupted at approximately 09:25 UTC on February 21, 2015. As I feared, #solarstorm launch is huge filament that just rotated backside. STEREO A saw eruption of monster ev... Read more

Surprising red aurora captured over Manitoba, Canada
Night-sky photographer Alan Dyer captured a surprising red aurora over Churchill, Manotoba, Canada on February 14, 2015.The image below is his single, 25-second exposure at f/3.5 with the 180° fish-eye lens and Canon 6D at ISO 4000. It is part of a time-lapse sequen... Read more

Welcome to The Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society Website

The Electric Club

We meet at the Wolverhampton Electricity Club at 7:30pm every Thursday.

We're a friendly bunch and welcome members old and new to come and join us for a chat and share our passion and enthusiasm for the hobby of Amateur radio. The Society takes part in special events such as Steam Fairs, Canal Boat Rallies, Mills on Air, JOTA and other local events.

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Meetings are informal and the club serves a wide selection of wines, spirits and beers including traditional cask ales, a variety of soft drinks are also available and all are reasonably priced. There is also a car park and plenty of on street parking.

Amateur Radio ? So if you have stumbled upon this website you might be thinking, "What is Amateur Radio all about then ?"

Amateur radio is a popular technical hobby and can also be a volunteer public service.

But most of the time, it's about the most fun you can have with a radio. It's a way to talk with people around the world, or even orbiting the world; to send e-mail without any sort of internet connection and to keep in touch with friends across town, across the country or even across the world.
It is an incredibly diverse and very popular interest with over six million people involved worldwide.

So if you are looking for a Radio Society in Wolverhampton or what to know more about amateur radio then come and give us a try.

Wolverhampton Electricity Sports and Social Club but was also named affectionately by the many members and local people as 'The Electric Club', St. Marks Road, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, WV3 0QH.
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WARS Updates[+]

After being inspired on club nights to get back on digi modes M0VRR is back on SSTV...

Posted on - Thu, 12 Feb 2015

Kettering & District Amateur Radio Society - G5KN - G7KRS - GB2HAM

Sometime between sunday night and monday morning my car was broken into and some radio kit was stolen. If anyone is offered a Clansman PRC320 along with a couple of baofeng uv5-r handies can they please get in touch either direct to me or contact Northamptonshire Police...

Posted on - Thu, 12 Feb 2015

Well done Rob and Paul, two new 2E0's will be on air soon.

Posted on - Sun, 08 Feb 2015

Birthday boy tomorrow Gordon
Call sign g4dgm

Posted on - Thu, 05 Feb 2015

Psk with no planning, well it is a hobby of experimentation and this is working nicely. #G8TA

Wolverhampton ARS (@WolvesARS) posted a photo on Twitter
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Posted on - Thu, 22 Jan 2015


Posted on - Thu, 22 Jan 2015